Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Q1 Admin Team meeting or 'How process optimization can be fun'

Last week our Administration Department gathered to work on optimizing some of their internal processes. To loosen up this quarterly meeting a bit they moved this session to the DP Playground and included a few warm-up and team-building exercises. 

Especially this first part made everybody laugh and it woke up even the sleepiest ones.

This was followed by a second breakfast as well as a teamwork session.

In very productive discussions each team worked on a solution for a specific problem which was then presented to all participants.

Everyone was very engaged and contributed with suggestions. All ideas and processes were discussed and mapped out.

The great atmosphere put a smile on everyone’s face and left everyone looking forward to the next meeting in Q2.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Our visit to the dark side of town

Last Wednesday Team Dating and Team Arnie started solving open issues in other ways … :-)

Here is their report:

“We went to Sector 9 and entered a dark and cold place underground.

A guy introduced us to the mysteries of Lasergame and activated our weapons and helmets.

When the door opened, everyone ran and hid somewhere in the big dark playground.

We played different rounds (“Last man standing”, “Team Deathmatch” or “High-Scoring”) and were a bit exhausted afterwards. The fun part - for those who left the battlefield early - was to watch the remaining “fighters” with night vision cameras :-)

Pizza and beer refilled our energy reserves (more or less) after the battles.