Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Underground Lasergame - don't mess with Affiliate Team!

Recently the Affiliate Marketing Team had a very special team event. What would we do? There were so many ideas - Kart, Trabi Safari, Mini Golf, etc. - we voted for the Underground Lasergame. After all, nobody said it had to be relaxing - at all -, right? Nothing like running in a dark bunker and shooting with laser-tag huh? Well, that's what we thought!
Since we were in a big group (09 people) there were a lot of game options for us... Trying to save ourselves individually, in teams and later aiming a special box in the center of the room. The environment was exciting, dark, but with lots of neon lights and loud electronic music, so you can imagine how much adrenaline going on there, but our team-mates handled the pressure! ;) In the photo you can see a proof of our trim
After 90 minutes running through the dark bunker we went to Weltrestaurant for dinner and restore our energies - we totally deserved it! And since our team-mates mostly come from outside Germany, we voted for a nice german meal. A huge Schnitzel and potato salad or baked potatoes, wine and beer, Créme Brûlée and Apfelstrudel.
Humm seems like we got our reward after such an exciting and fun evening ;) Go Affiliate!!!

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