Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Extended Christmas Bingo Mulled Wine Beer Friday!

I know what you're thinking: “Extended Christmas Bingo Mulled Wine Beer Friday!? That sounds awesome! But how is that even possible?” :P
Well last week we had a special Beer Friday! We celebrated Saint Nicholas day. After getting some presents from DP we all had a traditional christmas dinner of pizza and sushi... We also had mulled wine in addition to our usual beer.

The special activity that evening was Bingo. Yes....Bingo. Most of us played it for the first time in our lives, foolishly mistaking it for just an old peoples game. The idea come from our beer-manager Martin, who definitely deserves credit for keeping 40 of our employees quiet, sat on their chairs, and paying attention (more or less :) ) while waiting for our numbers to come up.

Sure the prizes might also be a good motivation, but nonetheless a really fun time was had by all!

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