Monday, May 26, 2014

The Beeralicious Beer Battle

On Friday we had a beer tasting competition at DP. The goal was to find the person with the finest sense of taste and the most worthy DP Beer Friday attendee. 12 brave candidates took the challenge and tried to figure out the beers they tasted.

Here is our beer list:
1. Paulaner Weizen
2. Jever
3. Budweiser
4. Berliner Kindl
5. Becks Pils
6. Becks Gold
7. Krombacher
8. Weihnstefan Weizen
9. Carlsberg
10. Erdinger
11. Warsteiner
12. Desperados
13. Heineken
14. Clausthaler alkoholfrei
15. Sternburg
16. Corona
17. Schultheis
18. Henninger
19. Lech
20. Porter

After tasting a lot of beer we found our participants with the best sense of taste for beer in the Company. Congrats to Oli (1st), Matej (2nd) and Jennie (3rd)!


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