Tuesday, July 8, 2014

DP at Performance Marketing Insights (PMI)

Performance Marketing Insights (PMI) was a 2-day trade show that took place on June 24th- 25th at Hotel Estrel in Neukölln, Berlin. The event brought together advertisers, publishers and agency leaders in the industry to network and share their affiliate knowledge. Attendees from all over the world crowded around the 40 booths in the convention hall to reconnect with current working partners and to find new opportunities.

Pre-arranged meetings, speed networking, group coffee breaks and even an event after party were all used to increase attendee engagement and activity. The chance to connect with the other participants were literally at every corner. The event also provided talks and discussions that allowed leaders in the field to share their expertise on topics such as “tips and tricks to recruit affiliates” and “wearable technology and its effects on online marketing”. PMI was a success and the DP attendees walked away from the event with a larger network and “more insight” into the performance marketing world.

Written by Laura (Affiliate)


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