Thursday, July 31, 2014

Teamevent Media Buying / Mobile

For the Media Buying/Mobile Marketing team event we went bowling. Unfortunately we had planned on going to a lake but the weather had other ideas. Either way we were all really happy with the choice.
At the lanes there were some who were obviously better than the rest of us, i.e. The American :P, but in general everyone put up a good game.

We had two Turkeys (three strikes in a row) from Stephen and Tom. The dances afterwards were definite a highlight :D.

After four frames we went from the bowling alley to “The Bird“ restaurant on Sch√∂nleinstrasse to try their famous burgers.

Despite sitting outside in some light rain we all really enjoyed it and definitely after the drinks and exercise the food was very well received. 

Written by Kirsten (Media Buying)

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