Tuesday, September 2, 2014

I’m on a Boat - I’m on a Roof top! – Sommerfest 2014

The Sommerfest 2014 started on the calm waves of the Spree and ended above the clouds. Everything in between was a crazy mix of fun, sun and awesome people.

The anticipations of the annual Sommerfest was sky-high. Digital performers had been tidying up their desks and were more-than-ready to welcome the colleagues from Bremen, Kiel, Lautern and Hamburg to Berlin. Dressed to impress *Berlin-style* and ready to mingle, everyone left the office in the Ritterstraße to kick off the evening on a boat!

The 1-hour boat trip was a cruise through Berlin’s history, starting at the former border between East and West Berlin and ending at the German Bundestag and Kanzleramt aka. Angela’s washing machine. From the calm waves of the Spree, the evening was continued at one of Berlin’s highest located roof top bars with an extraordinary view over Alexanderplatz and East Berlin.

Although, the 15th floor is not entirely located above the clouds, it did not take long before the party plane took off with the help of delicious food and a free-bar. As the evening turned into night, people went inside to the dance floor, where electronic beats got everyone on the dance floor. Admittedly, some had difficulties sticking to the beats, but it did not ruin the fun of dancing the night away. 
The party continued until the last surviving ones were blessed with witnessing a sun rise over Berlin’s skyline from the 15th floor, before they could drag themselves down to the U-Bahn and jump on the next train - everyone tired, but one great DP-experience richer.
Written by Martin (CRO)

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