Monday, February 23, 2015

My First Week At DP

Hey folks,

my name is Andreas Franke and I´ve been asked to share my impressions of the first week here at DP with you. 

Even though my job interview was a very pleasant one, I really did not know what to expect. I had no ideas about my colleagues and what to expect at work. 

Sincerely, my first day at DP has been a complete surprise for me. I have been travelling a lot and was working in different jobs, but never felt I welcome somewhere before that quickly. Everybody was friendly, people in my office were really kind and caring from the first minute. We had lunch at a great Asian restaurant in a very relaxed atmosphere.  

Throughout the week I adapted to the schedule at DP and learned how to master the luxurious espresso machine. On Wednesday, there were free Pfannkuchen / Berliner for us, a very welcome surprise. The first quiz about my coworkers on Friday was also manageable.

I am looking forward to enjoy a drink with my colleagues on the upcoming Friday and I´m quite confident that we will have a great time together. 

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