Friday, March 6, 2015

My Apprenticeship at DP

Hello, my name is Lina and I’m a 19 year old office management apprentice at DP.

My apprenticeship began on the first of September after a 3 month internship here. Obviously this previous experience helped a lot when my apprenticeship started as I already knew everybody and had a good idea of my tasks. When school started again (I work part time with school) I was really well prepared and had a great overview about what would be happening during the apprenticeship.

It was easy to feel welcome at DP with all the “Beer Friday’s”, parties and team events. The company is very international and open minded, so you can always be who you want to be.

Now I’ve been here for almost 8 months and I have had a lot of different and interesting tasks. I work at reception, what means I’m in contact with a lot of people e.g. other employees, external visitors, interviewees or the postman.  My tasks sitting at the reception are accepting phone calls, preparing meeting rooms or interviews, welcoming new employees, sorting and distributing letters and ordering office supplies. I also have the responsibility of booking business trips, along with accommodation or tickets for exhibitions and conferences. 

I also get an overview of HR work, my task there is to refresh the job ads on various websites.
There are also these routine tasks like making coffee for visitors or watering the plants. :-)

In general I’m the contact for everyone with questions, I try to make everything work for the other employees and in particular the newbies and make sure they know how everything works at DP.
My next step will be to work together with the finance team and I’m really looking forward to getting to know all their tasks.

In conclusion: I’m very glad to be working at DP, I like my tasks and I feel like an important part of the team with a lot of responsibility and I’m happy to be part of the puzzle. :-)

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