Monday, August 18, 2014

DP BBQ Party

On Friday we had an extra special beer Friday planned.  A delicious BBQ Buffet was organized in our parking lot :)

A tent, table and benches and of course some fantastic food like bratwurst and steak transformed our normally boring parking area into a little tiny “Oktoberfest”.

 After our barbeque the fun didn’t stop. Later that evening an ice cream truck surprised us with a huge selection of free all-you-could-eat Ice cream.

After we were filled with steak and ice cream, we needed something to get our energy going again. Thus stepped forward the last and most fun surprise of the evening. PLASTIC GUNS!!! Everyone got one with ammunition made of soft styrofoam. We ended up in a little DP war- everyone against each other- and we felt like 10 year old children again.

It was an awesome night!

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