Thursday, March 26, 2015

Business Intelligence Team Event

The lovely BI team all met up for Lasertag at 16.30 and headed over to West Berlin (via the shop for some supplies for the half hour journey). Once there we all suited up and went through the safety briefings and got acquainted with our "weapons" as well as putting some laser hit markers on our velcro tennis bands before heading off into the Arena for games. 

First game consisted of an all v all melee with five lives which resulted in complete chaos, laser beams flying everywhere and some who would scream quite loudly whenever someone shot at them. 

Second game again elimination with the addition of teams denoted by glowsticks stuck into our headbands. It quickly became apparent that some players were taking a human wave approach to "combat" with hilarious results. Special mention goes to one blonde BI member who's vietkong-esque sneaky tactics meant about three people were trying to look for him by the end of the game. We were half expecting him to come out with his face painted in mud and Camouflaged with leaves (which would've been dumb as we were playing in a warehouse).

By the second half of the evening we were all nicely warmed up so the next round was team v team again with the addition of competition. With the team with the most points in 10 minutes winning. Victory went to the reds quite decisively with some extremely aggressive kamikaze tactics in play especially from the CRO team members resulting in very high scoring. 

The final round was the most complicated with a team ground domination game where we had to control the area around "the atomic weapon" for as long as possible and/or capture the bomb from the other team. Again aggressive play and fearless/suicidal tactics from the Red team members but with the additional requirement of a long walk back to the other side of the arena for every death the final round went to the Blues slightly more methodical approach.

Possibly this victory was aided by an "accident" resulting in one of the reds nursing a black eye and the reds a man/woman down. These accusations of dirty tactics are of course emphatically denied by the Blue team....

The evening was finished up in a nearby argentinian/mexican/spanish restaurant with a split personality disorder (Capirinhas with Tapas!? blasphemy I say....) and an extremely exciting sounding hazelnut schnapps which, as it turned out, was just Hazelnut flavoured Baileys, can't have everything I suppose....

Overall chalk up another successful BI social with 100% less inebriated Judo practice. Always a success by my standards. 

                                                                                                                 Written by Tom

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