Monday, March 30, 2015

FE Team Event: The American way of Kegeln

Deep in the heart of Friedrichshain happens to be a nice bowling alley. Driven by the urge to leave the known surroundings for a while, the guys and gals from the frontend team took hold of their PO and all available backend engineers (Kingpin Jani) to take off into this unknown realm.  

Before any physical effort could be undertaken, some food had to be devoured alongside some tasty Indian cocktails at, you might have guessed it, a charming Indian restaurant. Now strengthened and ready for action, preparations were made to start the hunt for turkeys.  

Split into two groups; two lanes and pins were put under siege of heavy bowling balls. Luck and skill swayed back and forth for most of the time. Magical potions like vodka ahoy helped sustain the teams stamina longer than anybody else inside the joint. The general prowess of Sophie and Matej was hunted for by the others but could not be reached. Tactics were exchanged and tried. Strikes and spares were cheered upon. Both groups played end to end, piling up hundreds of fallen pins along the way.  

After all electronics were shut down, only the brave developers (and Tom of course) remained to further celebrate that glorious evening and delve into many a story.

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