Monday, April 20, 2015

Admin Team Event: trapped inside a DDR bunker

Last week it was once again time for our admin team event. Instead of taking a stroll by the Spree in the sunny weather, we got wrongfully imprisoned inside a bunker and two of our team members were even put in solitary confinement. Now you might wonder what we the hell we did to get ourselves into this mad situation. In all honesty, it was all part of a game – the Ultimate Live Escape Game “Secret Prison”. 

Divided up into two teams, trapped inside a DDR furnished Cold War style bunker our first task was to each free one of our team members out of solitary confinement. This, however, was easier said than done. The time was ticking and every little piece of furniture ranging from picture frames to prisoners’ food, keys and combination locks, mouse code and chains formed part of the puzzle; in our defense, some pieces fit together more obvious than others. Our ultimate mission of course was not only to get our teammate out of solitary confinement but to get all of out of the bunker. As we figured out more and more of the clues and hints we got the hang of the game and started to get quit organized under ground. As soon as someone came across some sort of number combination, all of us sprinted towards the closed combination lock to see if they had pieced together the next part of the puzzle – I guess they call it division of labour. After getting access to more and more bunker cells we managed to find the final piece of the puzzle – the key to the outside. 

As we were two teams playing against each other, of course it has to be mentioned at this point that one of our teams proved themselves smarter that the other. We won’t discuss this in further detail though as arguments were flying high after we all made it out. Overall, we had a great deal of fun and although the Cold War DDR setting was pretty disturbing at first we became acclimatized to our environment rather quickly. 

After this exhausting game we were longing for some good food. Therefore, we ended the evening with some nice pasta, pizza, and Wiener Schnitzel right beneath the TV tower at the Alexanderplatz.

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