Monday, April 27, 2015

Everyone at DP deserves "one minute of fame"

As we are a fast-growing and expanding company with many departments and even more teams it’s hard to keep track of who is doing what on a daily basis. In order to understand each and every teams’ main tasks and bigger projects we introduced a series of presentation, right before our famous “Beer-Fridays”, to get to know our respective teams – ONE-MINUTE-OF-FAME. Now you might ask, why one minute of fame?! Well, as Andy Warhol famously said: “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes”. Because, we cannot sit still for 15 minutes after a days’ work, already with a beer in our hands, we decided to cut things short and give our chosen presenter 1 glorious minute of fame. 

The idea behind our ONE-MINUTE-OF-FAME presentations is to give our employees the chance to fully understand the scope of our company. Meaning, every third week it’s another teams’ turn to introduce themselves to the rest of us and make us understand their work in a short period of time. Now giving a short presentation is rather challenging in comparison to a typical sixty minute presentation. However, it is much more engaging from an audiences’ perspective, a lot more focused and precise, the atmosphere is significantly relaxed; and it only took former U.S. President Abraham Lincoln less than five minutes to deliver is immortal Gettysburg Address! So, we’ve accepted the challenge of educating ourselves in less than five minutes! 

Last Friday we had a full house and it was the Affiliate teams’ turn. Although, all of us probably still couldn’t take over their job, at least we have a much better understanding of what affiliate marketing is all about. Our head of Affiliate Marketing Alex did a great job and explained to us what performance based marketing actually is, made sure we understood that in affiliate marketing “we pay for what we get”; reminded us of the importance of leads, PPL, CPL, SOIs and DOIs; made clear to us with what teams they work internally; and explained to us the relationship between the advertiser, in this case DP, the network, and publisher. As if we weren’t engaged enough, Alex managed to get us all laughing hard when showing us some quotes and pictures from the partners they work with. Last weeks’ ONE-MINUTE-OF-FAME presentations was the perfect example of how a short presentation can be both educating and entertaining at the same time!


  1. I think they deserve more than a minute. If you ask me, it should be at least a year. I heard that this was quite a successful event. I so want to do my corporate event planning of this level so every client of mines feels happy and contended.