Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Feelgood Manager at Digital Performance

As a dedicated and fast-growing Internet company it was only a matter of time until Digital Performance introduced the position of a Feelgood Manager. The time has come and we are excited to introduce our very own Feelgood Management trainee.

A companies wish to create a pleasant work environment for its employees is no secret nor is it a new idea. However, the specific position of a Feelgood Manager is a rather recent idea. All personnel matters of a strategic nature are responsibilities of the Human Resource department. Whereas, the ‘emotional’ support and assistance falls into the remits of a Feelgood Manager. In a nutshell, a Feelgood Manager acts as a cultivator of the company culture and is responsible for the well-being of all employees by having a sympathetic ear regarding any problems, worries or ideas. 

So …, what are the specific benefits for Digital Performance? In general, our Feelgood Manager is the first contact person for all employees regarding the office-life. As mentioned before, any problems, worries or ideas will be tackled by the Feelgood Manager. In particular, the full onboarding process of new employees is guided by the Feelgood Manager; ranging from the office tour and the buddy system to the employee-memory and the onboarding presentation, amongst others. Nevertheless, old employees needs will not be neglected. Another important aspect focuses on the internal and external employer branding. In order to maintain and strengthen the relationship between Digital Performance and its employees, particular emphasis will be placed on merchandising products, team events and social media. Hence, Digital Performance is working hard to proactively enhance its feel-good factor.

Judith, 23, Feelgood Manager

“I am extremely excited to be here at Digital Performance! A big THANK YOU to everyone for this warm welcome. I hope to get to know all of you a bit better real soon and please don’t hesitate to ask me about my position as I realize this is a rather new phenomenon. Of course, I am looking forward to all your ideas and suggestions regarding the feel-good factor at DP. Nevertheless, I also have a sympathetic ear for any problems, worries or complaints. I hope we can strengthen and enrich this office-life here at Digital Performance.”