Thursday, August 13, 2015

New Business on a Boat

As a change of pace New Business decided have a team event something relaxing awesome and delicious.

Boarding our personal floating BBQ we filled our glasses with the sweet nectar of the gods, put some quality 80's tunes through the sound system, sat back in the sun and began our journey towards muggle see.

We ate, drank and swam ourselves into a totally relaxed state.

But as with all thing it came to an end and we began our journey back to the city. Interrupting some sweet New Business dance moves, faint pleas for help could barely be heard over the thumping beats of Germany's beloved David Hasselhoff and his hit song "looking for freedom"
We came across a group of incredibly drunk Berliners (the kind you see at Kotti) One of which was stuck in the Spree and being held onto by man who he himself had his legs held onto by another. Swooping into action our superheros quickly saved the day. Captain Bosch, SeƱor Nacho and Lady Esteve after pulling the lady from the water our heros where gallant and modest in their rescue, offering the exhausted lady a towel and some water or juice only to be asked if they had any more beer. 

It was at this moment a fleet of emergency services arrived. Spilling onto the water front were multiple police cars, ambulances and firetrucks all to aid in the assistance of our Heros.

Special thanks to our three hero's, Laura and Jesus for their amazing 80's dance routine, Bruna for blessing us with her beautiful Fado folk singing, Neus for not eating all the food and last but not least Lola for eating all the food we dropped on the floor.