Thursday, May 21, 2015


For a couple of weeks now we’ve been meeting almost every Wednesday morning for a few minutes to get together and more importantly to get up to date on what is happening in the other departments as we’ve introduced a new meeting series called ALL HANDS!

As we are divided in into 6 departments, roughly 20 team, different floors in 2 separate buildings, it’s quit the challenge to get all of us 120 people into the same room. However, on Wednesday mornings we manage step away from our work and get together, even our colleagues from Belgrade are take part in our meeting via Skype. 

The idea behind our ALL HANDS meetings is to keep everyone up to date about new champagnes and projects, new employees, upcoming events, and everything else that is going on at DP, as for example the latest soccer scores of our very own DP football team. So in a nutshell, we simply try to get everyone together to strengthen our company culture and create transparence. And after all, if successes are announced, it’s much nicer to have everyone cheering together that reading an e-mail announcement about it.