Monday, November 2, 2015

Covered in paint, pumped up with adrenaline, sounds like a typical team

After solving riddles in the room escape game in the last team-event, us SEA-people decided to go for something slightly more action packed this time around. Which is why, about an hour into the evening, we found ourselves covered in paint, pumping with adrenaline, and our nervous fingers on the trigger of our markers, eagerly waiting for someone to leave their cover. It was paintball time! With parts of the Product-Team and Admins joining the fun, we headed out to PaintGalaxy, to settle our work-discussions once and for all.

And we did. Over the course of around 2 hours, several matches with mixed teams took place. Just about 6000 bullets of paint later, it was time for us to swap our markers for beers and indulge in the rich culinary offers found on the paintball-halls menu.

While the beers were being emptied and the adrenaline slowly subsided, the evening ended peacefully with us joyfully recapping the first paintball experience for most of our members. Definitely a worthy team-event!