Monday, February 23, 2015

My First Week At DP

Hey folks,

my name is Andreas Franke and I´ve been asked to share my impressions of the first week here at DP with you. 

Even though my job interview was a very pleasant one, I really did not know what to expect. I had no ideas about my colleagues and what to expect at work. 

Sincerely, my first day at DP has been a complete surprise for me. I have been travelling a lot and was working in different jobs, but never felt I welcome somewhere before that quickly. Everybody was friendly, people in my office were really kind and caring from the first minute. We had lunch at a great Asian restaurant in a very relaxed atmosphere.  

Throughout the week I adapted to the schedule at DP and learned how to master the luxurious espresso machine. On Wednesday, there were free Pfannkuchen / Berliner for us, a very welcome surprise. The first quiz about my coworkers on Friday was also manageable.

I am looking forward to enjoy a drink with my colleagues on the upcoming Friday and I´m quite confident that we will have a great time together. 

Friday, February 20, 2015

SEA’s record breaking Team Event

One team, one room, one mission and one hour! – The Live Escape Game
For our first team event of 2015 we went back in time to 1970’s DDR, and ended up trapped inside a secret prison. We had only 66 minutes to get our dear colleague Morten out of solitary confinement and all of us out of the prison. Clues, codes, and keys were hidden all over the place. Could we make it out in time, or be trapped forever? Since SEA consist of only skillful masterminds we managed to break out of there in record time! 

The prison was located in an old bunker with original furniture from the DDR era, which really made us feel like we were in the 1970’s. Hints and clues were everywhere, and what a puzzle it was to link it all together. Every single little object could be essential for our escape. There was a constant count-down on a screen, making us more and more frustrated as the time was running out and we still hadn’t solved the mission. But what seemed to be an insolvable puzzle was solved in only 59:35 minutes by putting our highly intelligent brains together, and only a bit (ok, maybe a lot) of help from the game-masters. 

Personally, I think we must have looked like a bunch of confused chickens bumping into each other while occasionally squeaking because we found something interesting on the ground. I even almost screamed when I saw the old prison guard sitting around in a dark cell (in my defence, he was a skeleton). But hey, we broke the previous record anyway! 

We dare you to beat our time!

Written by Sol (SEA)