Tuesday, June 23, 2015

DP and the Summer Feier ex-beer-ience

T’was last Friday that DP had one of our summer parties. There is also another one planned in Kiel for this coming week (write-up to follow) but we like to declare a beer Friday close to the Summer Solstice as our “Summer” Beer Friday and make a special occasion of it.

And a special Occasion we did make with our fridge stocked full of booze and an obscene quantity of Pizza and sushi delivered to us. We had some fun, caught up with friends in other departments, and played some quite epic games of flip cup and various summery activities till about 1-2 in the morning (by most peoples best estimates.)

Whether on team beer or team Sushi or team I just had a kebab and can’t handle any more food we all were fed and watered/beered and had a huge amount of fun in the process.


As we say at DP fun is always to be found in a fridge or two full of nice beers and some sunshine to enjoy outside.*

*May not be actual DP saying.